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PSFSC, Mai Po Nature Reserve, Yuen Long, NT, WWF-Hong Kong

Bena Smith joined WWF in 2004. He earned his first degree at Southampton University with a Masters degree at University of East Anglia. Since then he has spent most of his working life within Environmental NGOs, most notably on nature reserves in the Southwest of England for Wildlife Trusts and the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, and in a West African rainforest conducting studies on forest ecology and primate behaviour. His main interests are nature conservation management and waterbird research. Bena now leads a 14-member team at the internationally important Mai Po Nature Reserve to manage wetland habitats and implement ecological research programmes. He is also responsible for developing wetland/waterbird conservation work in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway.

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"Management of the Mai Po Nature Reserve | 米埔自然保留區之管理"