Juju Chin-shou WANG | 王俊秀

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Professor, Institute of sociology, Tsing hua University, Taiwan; President, Taiwan National Trust (TNT)

Dr. Juju Wang, Professor of Environmental Sociology, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Taiwan. He earned his graduated degrees in Japan and USA respectively. Juju has published first three books, entitled environmental sociology, in Chinese-spoken area since 1993. Some pilot research issues in Taiwan, such as Social Impact Assessment (1990), soundscape (1993), national trust movement (1996), environmental justice (1997), environmental refugee and green collar (1998), Gross National Happiness (2008) and so forth, were led by Juju. He has also been devoting himself in promoting SCI (Social Contribution Index) by participating in NGOs’ grassroots movements like green market movement, anti-nuclear movement and national trust movement in addition to being delegate to Earth Summit twice and IHDP Taiwan committee member. Juju used to be the President of National United Univ. in Taiwan. Currently, he is running first residential college, empowering students in social participation, at NTHU in Taiwan for last five years. In addition, juju is serving the President for two NGOs in Taiwan, Taiwan Environmental Protection Union (TEPU) and Taiwan National Trust (TNT). Due to sharing the same university name of Tsing Hua (Beijing and Hsinchu), Juju has been engaged in earthquake networking and invited twice a year to provide some courses, NGO and community empowerment, which are sensitive in China.

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