Natural Disaster and Energy Policy

LEE Kyeong-yool

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President of Environment Action Association Inc.

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"The danger of natural disaster - Prevention and Correspondence"

KIM Tae-ho

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Director, Energy Peace Foundation

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"Energy Sharing with the Energy Poor by the Citizens’Solar Project in South

SAWANO Nobuhiro

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Professor of Seiryo Women’s Junior College

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"A Study on the Formation of Radioactive Hotspots by Kringing and Digital Elevation Model"

MATSUMOTO Satoru | 松本 悟

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Current positions
  • Senior Advisor, Friends of the Earth Japan
  • Senior Advisor, Mekong Watch Japan
  • Lecturer, Hitotsubashi University (International Organization, Asian Area Studies)
  • BA of Economics, Waseda University, Japan
  • Master of Science, University of Sydney, Australia
  • PhD in International Studies, University of Tokyo, Japan
Professional Career
  • Broadcasting journalist, NHK
  • Country Representative, Japan International Volunteer Center, Laos
  • Representative Director, Mekong Watch Japan

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"Public Finance for Nuclear-Related Export and Environmental : Social Assessment Civil Society’s Perspectives of Pre / Post 3.11 Fukushima"

BAN Hideyuki

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Co-Director of Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center 

1951 Born in Yokaichi, Mie Prefecture 


BA in Social Sciences at the Waseda University, Tokyo

Professional Experience

  • Chairman of the Environment Committee of Consumers’ Cooperative, Tokyo 
  • Joined Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center (CNIC) 
Since 1995
  • Secretary General of CNIC 
  • Coordinator for Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Network in Asia 
Since 1999
  • Co-Director of CNIC 

Activities related to National and International Conferences

  • Organized Conference on Comprehensive Assessment of Monju Accident 
  • Assisted Dr. Jinzaburo Takagi for organizing International MOX Assessment (IMA) project
  • Energy Commission

  • Co-ordinates Assessment Committee for JCO Criticality Accident 

  • Invited as a speaker on a round meeting organized by AEC Japan 

  • Joined 「永続能源與環境策略国際検討会」(台湾) 
  • Organized Public Debate with Nuclear Safety Commission 
  • Presentation at IPPNW Conference titled, “Rethinking Nuclear Energy and Democracy after 9/11” in Basel, Switzerland 
  • Joined 「全国非核家園大会」(台湾) 

  • Member of the revised committee of the Framework of Japan’s nuclear policy 
  • organized by AEC Japan 
  • Joined No Nukes Asia Forum Meeting in Taiwan 

  • Secretary of No Nukes Asia Forum Meeting in Japan 

  • Member of the revised committee of the Framework of Japan’s nuclear policy organized by AEC Japan 


Since 1990 
  • Numerous contributions to magazines, such as Science (Iwanami, Japan)
  • Technology and Human-beings (Gijytu to Ningen sya, Japan), etc. 
  • Co-authored numerous books and booklets published by CNIC 
  • Author of reports on Impact Assessment of Accident in Kashiwazaki-Kariwa and Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations 
  • Author of report on Impact Assessment of Transporting Nuclear Fuel of Monju Fast Breeder Reactor 
  • Co-authored “The Criticality Accident” published by Iwanami 

  • Critique of the Japan’s Framework of Nuclear Policy (Nanatumori-shokan ,Japan)

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"Fukushima Disaster "

TSUI Shu-hsin | 崔愫欣

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Secretary General of Green Citizens’ Action Alliance, Taiwan

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"Nuclear threat in Asia-Pacific - How to move towards Carbon-free and Nuke-free Asia Pacific | 亞太地區的核電威脅-如何邁向低碳無核的亞太"

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