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Background and Objectives

Having realized the deteriorating environmental quality in the Asia-Pacific region and its significant impact on human health and welfare, the Japan Environmental Council (JEC), European Environmental Bureau (EEB), and environmental experts of several other countries in Asia are clearly convinced of the necessity to organize an international forum on environmental concerns in the Asian-Pacific region. Safeguarding and managing the environment while wisely making use of its full resources should not be the sole responsibility of the public sector. On the contrary, the private sector, particularly non-governmental organizations (NGOs), ought to do its fair share by playing a more-dominant role in the sustainable development of the region.

On the occasion of the 10th JEC conference which was held in Osaka, Japan in 1991, Prof. Suraphol Sudara agreed to organize the first Asia-Pacific NGOs Environmental Conference (APNEC) in Bangkok in December 1991. As of 2009, eight other APNEC meetings have been held sequentially in Seoul, Kyoto, Singapore, and Agra (India), Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Kathmandu (Nepal), Sydney(Australia) and Kyoto. The objectives of APNEC are to provide an international forum at which NGOs can exchange information, share experiences, discuss their concerns on environmental issues at both the domestic and regional levels, and to develop strategies and actions to protect the overall environment in the Asian-Pacific region.